Effective Use of Language.The Significance Of Language

As a writer, it’s important not only to considercarefully what you say, but how it is said by you. To communicate effectively, it isn’t adequate to have well organized ideas expressed in complete and coherent sentences and paragraphs. You have to also consider the style, tone and clarity of his/her writing, and adapt these elements into the reading audience. Again, analyzing an individual’s audience and purpose is key to writing effectiveness. In order to select the most reliable language, the writer must consider the objective of this document, the context by which it really is being written, and who can be reading it.

Characteristics of Effective Language

Concrete language includes descriptions which create tangible images with details your reader can visualize. Abstract language is vague and obscure, and does not bring to mind specific visual images. Look at the two sets of statements below. The statement at the top is abstract, however the statements become increasingly concrete and specific toward the base.

He could be a bad roommate
He is lazy and discourteous
He is untidy and unclean
He does not tidy up his own messes
He leaves his dirty dishes in the kitchen counter
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