Bride obtainable Tehran community when it comes to Protection of Working

The teenage protagonist, Sonita Alizadeh, works on an assignment for a class at an NGO, the Tehran Society for the Protection of Working and Street Children—she draws her real passport and the one she wishes she had in a scene in Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami’s documentary Sonita. In her own dream passport, Sonita chooses Rihanna and Michael Jackson on her moms and dads.

That informs us plenty about Sonita, whom faces a bleak situation—having left the war in Afghanistan together with Taliban as a kid to be an undocumented immigrant in Iran. Then her mother wished to deliver her straight back to her nation so she could easily get a bride cost of $9,000, that may pay money for Sonita’s sibling to have a spouse. Sonita’s concept on her future is extremely not the same as her household’s—she wants to be always a rapper, and also at the start of the movie we see her pasting her face on singers bodies that are her scrapbook and imagining a gathering going crazy as she does.

Sonita lives along with her older sibling and niece in one shabby space in Tehran and works as being a janitor during the NGO.

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